eHunar – Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program

kamyab jawan program

eHunar is the platform under the umbrella of department of computer science, where students can enhance their skills by joining the practical courses.

Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication offers a favorable environment for the digital ecosystem, promotes the efforts to increase manpower & creativity and assures full support in projects related to IT & Telecom sector.

Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program ( mission is to reshape and contribute to Pakistan’s technology, education, and industry sector for skill development, business opportunities, and economic growth by adopting a new era of the 4th Industrial Revolution and emerging technologies.

Our mission is to make Pakistan a global IT hub and to export our products and services related to emerging technologies for socio-technical and economic growth. We are contributing to this revolution by our initiative of developing a modern technology-oriented workforce, developing a job market, and developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in emerging technologies. This skilled human resource will ultimately participate in making a digital and prosperous Pakistan.









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Courses offer by eHunar

Flutter Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)

View Details

UI / UX Designing

View Details

The Complete Youtube Mastery

View Details

Adobe AfterEffects (Motion Graphics & Animations)

View Details

AutoCAD 2D & 3D

View Details

AWS FBA Business

View Details

MS Office

View Details

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

View Details

PHP Laravel

View Details

Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)

View Details

Python for Everyone

View Details

SAP Business One ERP

View Details

Cisco CCNA (R&S)

View Details

Shopify Dropshipping

View Details

AWS Virtual Assistant

View Details

Video Editing

View Details

Digital Marketing

View Details

internship in eHunar – Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program

eHunar has designed an internship program in a way that will empower students to understand the corporate sector, its work environment, market norms, required skill set, and job culture. You will be trained in the following:

  • Practical work structure
  • Daily work tasks as per profession and job description
  • Personal grooming and industry knowledge
  • Establishing connections with professionals and market leaders
  • Complete support by experienced and successful mentors
  • Flexible meeting hours to suit your time zone(s)
  • Interaction with industry leaders
  • Tips on job hunting
  • Resume writing and support
  • Interview preparations

These internships are designed for three months. After a successful internship, you will be ready to find the job best suits to your profile.

how to apply in eHunar – Hunarmand Kamyab Jawan Program

ehunar - hunarmand kamyab jawan program

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