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Zero Touch Certification And Assessment

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Zero Touch Assessment Answers : This assessment is conducted by Google Partner training through the Fathomed platform. This assessment tests your basic understanding of Android Zero-touch enrollment.

Exam Title – Zero-touch Exam

Exam Passing Score – Total 20 Questions and the Passing score is 80%

In this course, you learn about the seamless setup and deployment of corporate-owned Android devices through the Android Zero-touch enrollment.

Zero Touch Assessment Questions and Answers 2021

Q.1 – A company can ask their employees to add their personal devices to zero-touch

Q.2 – Company ABC Ltd. is looking to deploy 300 Android devices using zero-touch, what are some of the benefits this type of deployment can provide?

  • (A) Easy productivity for users
  • (B) Simplicity and flexibility for IT
  • (C) Enforced management and security for organizations
  • (D) All the above

Q.3– Which criteria can be used to search for devices on the zero-touch portal?

Q.4 – Devices can be deregistered only one at a time

Q5.  If a customer wishes to purchase devices from a new reseller they will need to ___

  • (A) Request a new zero touch account
  • (B) Deregister all existing devices
  • (C) Provide their customer ID and enable the new reseller in their Reseller list
  • (D) Email Android Enterprise support team to open the request

Q.6 – What are the “DPC extras” configurations used for?

  • (A) Defining the device policies
  • (B) Deregistering devices
  • (C) Configuring additional provisioning settings
  • (D) Securing the devices with EMM

Q.7 – Zero-touch configurations are unique per device

Q.8 – Portal roles can be managed by the zero-touch account’s ____

Q.9– Zero-touch is an enrollment method to provision ____.

  • (A) Dedicated devices
  • (B) Work only devices
  • (C) Work profile on company owned devices
  • (D) All the above

Q.10– I can ask my reseller to add devices to the portal, even if these have been purchased in the past?

Q.11 – If I’m using zero-touch, then I do not need an EMM

Q12.  Who can remove devices from the portal?

Q.13 – A ____ is required for zero-touch enrollment to work on a registered device.

Q.14 – A customer will be provided with a different zero-touch account from each one of their resellers.

Q.15 – Who can add devices to a customer’s zero-touch account?

Q16.  What is required from a Customer for the reseller to be able to create a zero-touch account for them?

Q17. – A customer gains access to the zero-touch portal once

Q18.  In order to deploy devices with zero touch it’s necessary to purchase the hardware from a ____ and have a zero touch compatible ____.

  • (A) Validated Reseller. EMM
  • (B) Local hardware vendor. Deployment platform
  • (C) Regional Carrier. EMM
  • (D) Validated Reseller. Deployment platform

Q19. Which devices are compatible with zero-touch?

Q20. What is zero-touch?

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