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database management system

Data is the collection of information that may be organized in databases and contains text, numbers, and media. Data, database engines, and schemas are managed by database management systems (DBMS), which serve as a channel between users and databases. Both shared hosting plans and VPS hosting plans use them.

DBMSs use the normalizing database schema approach to optimize data organization. In order to reduce dependencies and redundancies, large data tables are divided into smaller parts. Additionally, concurrent access, which enables several users to interact with a database continuously while maintaining data integrity, is supported by DBMSs.

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 What is a database?

– Organized collection of data or information that can be accessed, updated, and managed 

Who created the first DBMS?

– Charles Bachman

Which type of data can be stored in the database?

– All of the above

 In which of the following formats data is stored in the database management system?

– Table

Which of the following is a feature of DBMS?

– Single-user Access only

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What is rows of a relation known as?

– Tuple

Which of the following is a command of DDL?

– Alter 

– Create 

Which of the following SQL command is used for removing (or deleting) a relation form the database?

– Drop

Which of the following provides the ability to query information from the database and insert tuples into, delete tuples from, and modify tuples in the database?

– DML(Data Manipulation Language) 

Which of the following can be considered as the maximum size that is supported by NTFS?

– 4GB

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What Is a DBMS | Database Management Quiz | Itronix solution 3

Which language is used by most of DBMSs for helping their users to access data?

– Query language

The following are the functions of a DBMS except

– Creating and processing forms

The term _____ is used to refer a row

– Field 

Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of DBMS

– Increase data isolation 

A table consists of

– Rows and columns

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Which of the following can be used to extract or filter the data & information from the data warehouse?

– Data mining

Which one of the following refers to the “data about data”?

– Meta Data

Which of the following is a top-down approach in which the entity’s higher level can be divided into two lower sub-entities?

– Specialization

Which of the following refers collection of the information stored in a database at a specific time?

– Instance of the database

Which one of the following refers to the total view of the database content?

– Conceptual view 

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