What Are Impressions On Fiverr


What Are Fiverr Impressions

It is a question that Fiverr sellers are most of the time concerned about. Fiverr impression means the number of times your gig is shown to the Fiverr audience.

The number of times your gig appeared in search results viewed by a Fiverr user is termed as Fiverr impressions.

As for its importance; when people really see your gig, you have a great chance of making a deal and getting an order.

For a high impression rate, it simply means that in search results are turning up plenty at your gig.


Fiverr impression can happen in the following ways:

  • Someone is looking for a keyword like a video marketing and your job is part of the search results.
  • Someone clicks on a song, and your song is displayed at the bottom of the page in the suggested gigs section.
  • Your gig is seen on the home page of Fiverr or is one of the gigs featured.

Higher impressions in any case make sure your gig gets enough exposure and gives you a better chance of getting an order.

What Are Fiverr Views And Clicks?

Views means people that actually saw your gig’s full material, but it’s calculated differently from clicks that say people on Fiverr that clicked on your gig.

Clicks are the number of clicks on your gig from a Fiverr search results page.

It means the number of times people saw your gig and clicked through to see more.

Both are measured separately to help you determine how much traffic from Fiverr is coming to your gigs, and how many from other sources like social media Google+, Facebook, etc.

tips to increase fiverr impressions

Tips To Increase Fiverr Impressions

To push your Gig from the last page to the first ones, there are several ways to boost reviews, clicks, views, and conversions.

  • Stay online 24/7, allow full use of Mobile Devices to live online.
  • Make your profile more professional.
  • Choose the correct keyword in your Gig description.
  • Improve your gig description.
  • Make your gig more impressive by adding video.
  • Post your gigs on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Don’t get the canceled orders on your Account.
  • Keep strong response levels on your profile.
  • Provide the final supplies in due time.
  • Using search tags properly when making a Gig.
  • Use keywords in your gig.

I hope this knowledge helps you attain the highest impressions, clicks, and views on Fiverr. Leave a comment below if you have more questions.

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