lean foundations professional certification exam answer

Lean Foundations Professional Certification™

ENROLL Now : Lean Foundations Professional Certification™ (LFPC™) SkillFront Certification Exam QUESTION 1 : What is the philosophy of Lean? Encourage people to work harder and have targets so that the output will increase. Use less of certain resources than normal mass-production systems use to produce comparable output. And provide perfect value to the customer. Reducing […]

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scrum fundamentals exam answers

Scrum Fundamentals Exam Answers – SkillFront Exam Answers

Apply Now: Certified Associate In Scrum Fundamentals Exam QUESTION 1: What kind of software development projects can be executed by the Scrum Project Management Framework? Complete software packages Customer projects Sub-systems, components or parts of bigger systems All kinds of software development projects None of the given answers QUESTION 2: What does NOT belong to the […]

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