pluralsight aws machine learning skill test answersPluralsight AWS Machine Learning Skill Test Answers

Pluralsight AWS Machine Learning Skill Test Answers
: covers the fundamental subtleties of the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification and machine learning terminologies and provides recommended resources for best practices. 

Pluralsight AWS Machine Learning Assessment Answers

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science primarily focused on creating systems that can think astutely, similar to people. There are various techniques used to build up an AI framework that is categorized into different subsets such as machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). 

Pluralsight AWS Machine Learning Quiz Answers

Machine learning is the process of empowering computer systems to automatically learn and progressively improve their performance over time. Regularly the machine is trained by utilizing an example of structured information, similar to vegetables with subtleties such as weight, color, shape, and type (name) properties. At that point, the trained model applies the learning on unlabeled information to recognize the sort of vegetables. 
Deep learning is the process of making machines that can think and process information like the human brain, for example by distinguishing patterns and classification techniques such as recognizing the kind of creature in a picture.

Pluralsight AWS Machine Learning Skill Test Questions and Answers

1. What metrics does Comprehend provide us regarding the sentiment of a document?

2. What tools should you be familiar with before working with Amazon DLAMI?

3. Using a SageMaker built-in algorithm your metrics are sent automatically to hyperparameter tuning, how can you tune these hyperparameters to better evaluate training jobs?

4. What metrics does Comprehend provide us regarding the sentiment of a document?

5. A user is getting 401 HTTP response codes when trying to access Sagemaker API’s via the AWS CLI, what is likely the reason for this issue?

6. Why are there no standard speeds for voices in Amazon Polly?

7. Below is an example of command tool code used with Amazon DLAMIs:
$ ssh -i ~/keypair.pem -L 8157: ubuntu@ec2-323-43-454-

8. What AWS service is best utilized for monitoring logs from Sagemaker models?

9. Below is a code snippet from code that functions with Amazon Rekognition:
DetectLabelsResult result = rekognitionClient.detectLabels (request) ; List labels = result.getLabels(); System.out.println(“Detected labels for ” + photo); System.out.println(label.getName() + “:”+label.getConfidence().toString());

10. You have an application that keeps getting HTTP 424 error codes for DependencyFailedException’s when calling your Lex bot, what steps should you take to troubleshoot this further?

11. What tools should you be familiar with before working with Amazon DLAMI?

12. You’re using an AWS Lex Bot to handle quality assurance for your website,what could you implement to ensure that upset or distraught customers are provided a phone number to speak with a human representative

13. In a typical workout for creating a machine learning model, what steps typically come after fetching the data?

14. After deploying your first model you realize your inferences are not very accurate, what is the reason for this?

15. Your bot prompts the user to enter a pizza size for their order- The acceptable inputs are 24 inches, 18 inches, and 16 inches- How would you add

16. What is a practical use case for detecting the sentiment of user input?

17. You have a model that is intended to make inferences based on stock market trends, once your model is in place what step is best to take to ensure the system is working properly and making valid decisions

18. If you want to allow an IAM user the ability to run bots, but not make any changes what predefined policy should you permit that user?

19. What function in a TensorFlow script loads the training data?

20. If you use HTTP to pass the image bytes as part of an Amazon Rekognition call, how must the string be encoded?

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