peopleperhour ready badge testPeople Per Hour ready badge test answers

In this article, we’ll be providing you with the answers to the People Per Hour ready badge test answers 2023-2024. So, if you’re aiming to ace the test and earn your Ready Badge, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started.

here are answers to the questions

Ques: 1. When working with a buyer, what is the maximum amount of time they should wait for a response?

Ans: a. a day

Ques: 2. If a buyer is not giving clear instructions you should…

Ans: a. seek clarification

Ques: 3. You should request full payment of an invoice… 

Ans: d. on delivery of the work 

Ques: 4. When you deliver the work to your buyer, who owns that work? 

Ans: c. the buyer once they pay 

Ques: 5. If a buyer requests a refund, and you have not begun work you should…

Ans: b. offer to do something else for them

Ques: 6. If a buyer asks to take the project and payment off platform you should…

Ans: a. report the buyer 

Ques: 7. If a buyer was difficult to work with should you… 

Ans: d. give them a fair review

Ques: 8. If a buyer asks you to infringe another companies T&Cs, e.g. Buying Social Media likes you should…

Ans:  a. decline the job 

Ques: 9. What is 640 multiplied by an eighth?

Ans: c. 80

Ques: 10. What is 27 minus 54?

Ans: c. -27 


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Ques: 11. What is a negative number multiplied by a negative number? 

Ans: a. Zero

Ques: 12. What is a sixteenth multiplied by a quarter? 

Ans: c. 0.04

Ques: 13. If VAT is 20%, and an invoice inclusive of VAT is £100, what is the price of the invoice before adding VAT? 

Ans: b. 83

Ques: 14. What is the volume of a shape (expressed in m3) that is 2m x 3m x 2.5m?

Ans: a. 15

Ques: 15. What is the cube root of 64? 

Ans: c. 4

Ques: 16. What is the formula for the area of a circle with radius 1m (expressed in rn2)?

Ans: b. Pix1x1

Ques: 17. If you complete 5 projects on PeoplePerHour and charge the following amounts: E110, E80. £250, E98 and E105 – what is your average (mean) job value? 

Ans: d. £128.60 

Ques: 18. What is ‘x’ if 2x – 5 = 99? 

Ans:  c 47

Ques:19. Some media reports say the crisis_____________ the company £1 m a day.

Ans: b. could be costing 

Ques: 20. Susie was tired, she didn’t want to _______ school.

Ans: d.go to

slide1 11

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Ques: 21. I learned the  value of hard work _______hard

Ans: c. by working very

Ques: 22. __________________ ? There are one hundred!

Ans: c. How many years are there in a century?

Ques: 23. The best comfort food __________________________greens, cornbread, and frieb chicken.

Ans: c. be always

Ques:  24. Whose shoes are they?

Ans: c. they’re her shoes

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