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On Page SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimizing your blog or websites to show at the top of the search engine. And Search Engine optimization is from 2 Type.

On Page SEO and OFF page SEO. On which the on page optimization has to optimize Keyword, Post title, Image, permalink, Headings etc. And on the off page, we have to learn how to optimize Link Building, Blog Design, etc.

In On Page seo we implement whatever is in our article at the time of writing our blog post or article like Title, Heading, Permalink, photo, etc. Optimize is called On Page SEO. If you want to keep your post in the top of the search engine.

And if you want to increase the number of organic traffic coming to the blog from the search engine on your blog, then you have to fully optimize On Page SEO.

So that your post will show in the top on search engine. And organic visitors to your blog will also increase. So let’s know how to optimize On Page seo.



On page seo there is a very big role of the keyword. When you write a post, you have to optimize the keyword on it. But before that, you will read keyword research for your post. And you have to select High quality keyword for your post.

Also, you have to use the Long Tails Keyword because of the short tails on your post. Because the competition is very high on short tails. So it becomes very difficult to rank your post. But long tail keywords do not have much competition, so you can easily get your post a good ranking.

Meta tag description must be 160 characters



The title of the post is very important for SEO. So when you write the title of a post, then you add targeted keywords to your title i.e. the keywords with which you want ranking on your post.

For example you are writing a post about Chocolate Cake Recipe, so your post title should be “Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe” or “Chocolate Cake Recipe for kids.” So if someone searches chocolate cake recipe on the search engine, then your site will be the first show.


Use the custom permalink on your post, always make the And permalink short and with the keyword together. Do not create unnecessary looking URLs.

Must remove extra words, add related keyword from post title, choose short permalink targeting keywords select xyz.com/ What is On Page SEO?


Whenever you write a post in your post, then you must add the necessary image to it, so you also optimize that image. Because the empty image does not let the search engine know what is on your image.

So optimizing the photos of the post is very essential. In image optimization, you rename your image, compress, and also use the ALT tag. Suppose your post focus keyword On page seo, so write it on your ALT tag like this on page seo

on page seo

5: – HEADINGS (H2, H3 H4 ETC)

Subheading makes it easier for visitors to read the post. And you can also add related keywords on H3, H4. With which your post will rank on the related keyword along with the focus keyword. But in the headings you always have to remember that H1 is your title,

So you have to start from H2 heading. And on H2 you add your focus keyword and on the rest you have to add related keyword.

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  1. I basically want rigorous training for myself before getting into Freelancing because I wanna be the best service provider my clients have ever seen… I know it sounds a bit boasting but Alhamdulillah I just want to be the one standing out. So kindly help me out with some exercises regarding Digital marketing, SEO content writing so that I can polish my skills.
    Looking forward to your kind reply

    1. for freelancing the most important thing is what is your niche.. focus on only one or two of them ..if you are a digital marketing persons do the paid and unpaid promotions only to enhance your career. More over if you are SEO person like me do SEO of different websites …

      currently we have exercise available of batch 6 and batch 5 of digiskills on our website ..do have a look on them and try to do them as well …

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