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Check your skill by answering these Certified Network Security Professional Quiz questions. This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world Certified Network Security Professional Quiz questions and answers for freshers and experienced to pass your official test.

After submitting the online quiz an E-Certificate will be awarded after completing the quiz.

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Scares the user into thinking they have lots of viruses. Provides a malicious link to ‘fix the problem’

– Scareware

Which of the following is true regarding access lists applied to an interface?

– One access list may be configured, per direction, for each layer 3 protocol configured on an interface 

Self replicate without any user help meaning they can spread very quickly.

– Worm

What router command allows you to determine whether an IP access list is enabled on a particular interface?

– show ip interface

password” is a bad choice for a password.

– True

Malware is another name for computer viruse

– False 

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It is any software designed to damage or to disrupt a system.

– Malicious software (malware)

What will the result of this access list be?

– No IP traffic will be allowed out E0

Which of the following is an example of a standard IP access list?

– access-list 1 deny

The following are the goals of network security, EXCEPT;

– Asset Assessment

In computer security, ……………………. means that computer system assets can be modified only by authorized parities.

– Integrity

 Which of the following is independent malicious program that need not any host program?

– Worm

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A ………….. is a program that can infect other programs by modifying them, the modification includes a copy of the virus program, which can go on to infect other programs.

– Virus 

____________ is used to describe those hackers who use their computer skills with malicious intent for illegal purposes or nefarious activities

– Black Hats 

 State whether true of false. i) A worm mails a copy of itself to other systems. ii) A worm executes a copy of itself on another system.

– True, 

The goal of ______________ is to reduce the exposure of the organization to malicious code.

– Anti-virus

 Imagine the status/service of a bank if its customers are unable to make transactions using their accounts “.This scenario refers to what goals of network security ……..

– Availability

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Identify which of the following is NOT a potential risk to the network security.

– Anti-virus Protection 

Confidentiality with asymmetric-key cryptosystem has its own

– Problems

Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-l) has a message digest of

– 160 bits 

To check the integrity of a message, or document, the receiver creates the

– hash tag

 A digital signature needs a

– public-key system

Encryption and decryption provide secrecy, or confidentiality, but not

– integrity

A computer virus is a

– Software

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MAC stands for

– Message Authentication Code

The digest created by a hash function is normally called a

– modification detection code (mdc) 

Message confidentiality is using

– asymmetric-key

 To preserve the integrity of a document, both the document and the fingerprint are

– needed 

A sender must not be able to deny sending a message that was sent, is known as

– message nonrepudiation

Network Security provides authentication and access control for resources.

– True

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