nestle milk pack creamCream

Nestle company started in  1866when Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company was established.Henri Nestle produced a breakthrough infant food in 1867.

In the year of 1905,Henri Nestle combines his founded company with the Anglo-Swiss, and now we all know it by its name “Nestle Group”. Urban areas are increasing all this time, and rail and cargo ships are lowering production prices, increasing international trade in consumer products.

Nestle is very responsible for its consumers.Nestle makes it a top priority to provide quality and safety products to the customers for the sake of their healthy lifestyle.It must be applied mostly in our entire portfolio,in terms of food or beverages.

It is nature’s gift. Nature’s gift has a delightful taste, and with more than three and a half periods of dairy expertise in Pakistan, Nestle Milkpack has perfected the process that makes this smooth, rich and creamy texture to be caught by nature.

Nestle Milkpack has amazed its consumers with its popular simple,rich and fluffy taste. After testing the consistency of its dairy goods, guaranteed by the quality of Nestle’s food process and experience.Nestle Milkpack gives nutritious meals and a balanced diet because it contains protein,calcium,minerals, and vitamins.Calcium and Vitamin D helps to maintain bone and teeth strong.

nestle milk pack cream

On the other hand,it provides Vitamin A which plays an important role in maintaining a good vision and also helps to keep skin healthy. Whether you are talking about the glass of milk for your children,or the tasty cup of tea with your loved ones as well as you want to make a creamy dessert.Nestle Milk pack is a complete package for all your desires…

Nestle Milk pack is available in the form of powder,cream, and milk. Evey one can easily observe the thickness and texture of the product.It is so pure and healthy

For more than 150 years of worldwide experience from Nestle, Nestle Milk pack Cream is a more demanding product.

Nestle Milk pack Cream:

Nestle Milkpack Cream is one of the best formations from the House Of Nestle Milk pack.It is one of the most favorite brands in Pakistan. Nestle Milkpack cream combines a lovely,deep heritage duality with the current use of this rich milk product. Through it, we can make so many delicious recipes as quickly as possible. Nestle milk pack is Cream healthy for kids because it is full of nutrition

Nestle Milk Pack Cream 4

Ingredients And Allergen Information

It contains milk cream and Stabilisers.

It is made from pure fresh milk with 30percent milk fat

  • Instruction For Storage:

Keep storing in a cool dry area.

After opening its package, first, refrigerate it and use within 4 days

Nestle Milk pack Cream is easily available in market shops and online too .it is a pocket-friendly product.

  • Use

Nestle Milk pack Cream is dedicated to helping its customers.Nestle Milk pack cream has faith in its customers that with the help of Nestle Milk pack Cream they can build their culinary magic and present tasty meals and desserts by sparkling the light of creativity within them and making tasty recipes easy to prepare.

The aim of Nestle milk pack cream and a nutritious product was mainly used to give a smooth and silky texture to sweets and salty dishes such as steak sauces, pasta, soups & BBQ.          

  • Quality Purpose:
  • Develop a trust Bydelivering a pure product and services that satisfy customer basics and needs.
  • Cooperate with both internally and externally food safety.
  • Regulatory and quality standards achieve zero-defect.
  • No waste attitude in our business marketing.
  • Making quality a group-wide target.


The aim of Nestle professionals to satisfy the craving of costumers.By presenting the difference between 30percent fat cream and a 40percent fat cream. Nestle professional is devoted to fulfilling the desires of chefs and foodservice executives.

In terms of quality and safety which is a top priority of Nestle Milk pack Cream for our customers.If you want to make a perfect food moment and prepare a portion of delicious and yummy food for your loved ones, then you should try

 Nestle Milkpack Cream and make delicious recipes. Serving quality food with culinary magic. To satisfy, your craving in a short time go and spread it on a bread piece and make your snack time memorable Nestle Professionals believes that by Nestle Milkpack Cream you and your family like all the recipes and especially your family appreciate the same delicious goodness. is appreciative to Miss Hafiza Mallick for sharing there valuable content with us !

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