Muharram Mourning Of The Sacred Month of ALLAH

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Muharram is one of the most important month for Muslim. Muharram marks as the first Islamic month of the new year .It is the second most significant month in our Islamic calendar after Ramazan Sharif.

It, otherwise called Muharram-ul-Haram, is the primary month of the Hijri schedule and in this manner denotes the start of the Islamic year. It is the main month which Allah’s name has been connected to – the Prophet Muhammad (saw) alluded to it as ‘the Sacred Month of Allah’ – and is along these lines a profoundly honored month.

It is one of the four holy months, and its unique significance is shown by its name. The word ‘Muharram’ actually signifies ‘prohibited’ – for example it is holy to such an extent that specific activities become illegal during it, as they would abuse its sacredness. Both the long stretch of the Muharram and Allah’s House (Al-Masjid Al-Haram) get their names from a similar Arabic root word; both are hallowed spaces in which each deed, fortunate or unfortunate, weighs heavier on the scales.

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Why Is Muharam Celebrate ?

The 10th of Muharram is called Ashura, is a important day for Muslims. It marks the Hazrat Nuh left the ARK, and the day that Prophet Musa was saved from the Pharoh of Egypt by God crossing the Red Sea.

For Shia Muharram, commemorates the death of the Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) grandson , Hazarat IBN Ali .For Sunni and shia Muslims mark Muharram differently.

Significance of Muharram

‘Surely, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He made the sky and the earth; of these, four are holy. That is simply the right religion, so don’t off-base yourselves during them… ‘ (Qur’an, 9:36)

As to section, Ibn Katheer (RH) clarifies, ‘Allah has picked elites from His creation: from among the heavenly attendants. He picked Messengers, from among humanity. He picked Messengers, from among discourse. He picked recognition of Him (dhikr), from among spaces on earth. He picked the mosques, from among the months. He picked Ramadan and the hallowed month. So, love what has been picked by Allah, for individuals of comprehension and shrewdness regard what has been picked by Him’. (Tafseer Ibn Katheer)

Consequently, It is exceptional essentially in light of the fact that Allah has picked it to be so. He orders us not to ‘wrong ourselves’ during this holy month, which basically intends to guarantee we have unadulterated expectations and exemplary conduct and don’t fall into wrongdoing.

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Sunnah of Muharram

It is enthusiastically prescribed to fast as much as could be possible during Muharram (however fasting the entire month is saved for Ramadan as it were). The Messenger of Allah (saw) stated, ‘The best fasting after Ramadan is the Sacred Month of Allah (Muharram)… ‘ (Muslim)

Indeed, the holiness of Muharram was built up to the point that even the Quraysh in the times of Jahiliyah (numbness) used to fast on specific days. One such day is the Day of ‘Ashura (the tenth of Muharram), which observes Allah (SWT) liberating Prophet Musa (as) and his kin from the obligations of Pharaoh.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said that fasting upon the arrival of ‘Ashura, ‘expiates the minor sins of the previous year’ (Muslim). It is, hence, energetically prescribed to fast on this day.

The Prophet (saw) likewise prompted us to likewise fast on the ninth or potentially eleventh of Muharram so as to separate between his Ummah and the People of the Book and as we probably are aware, following his Sunnah contains gigantic gift. We have another blog entry about the Day of ‘Ashura on the off chance that you need to learn more this stunning day, from its history to its various favors.

Significant Dates in Muharram

2nd Muharram: Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) entered Karbala and builds up his camp. Yazid’s powers were available encompassing him.

7th Muharram: After Yazid’s organization admittance to water was prohibited from Hussain Ibn Ali (RA).

8th Muharram: Martyrdom of Zain Ul Abideen (RA), child of Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) he was the main overcomer of the skirmish of Karbala.

10th muharram

9th Muharram: The night of this date is viewed as significant as the following day (tenth Muharram) is the day when Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) and Abbas Ibn Ali (RA) was martyred alongside his family unit leaving just Zain Ul Abideen (RA) as the main male overcomer of the Karbala.

10th Muharram: It is the Day of Ashura; it was the day when Hussain ibn Ali (RA) was martyred after Abbas (RA) was martyred at Euphrates waterway in Karbala. It was the day when Musa (AS) was recused from Pharoah.

20th Muharram: Death of Bilal (RA) first Muazzin of Islam.

25th Muharram: Birth of Hasan (RA) senior child of Ali (RA).

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