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Digital Adda offers a free certification program for Java Programming. This program is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the Java programming language. The certification program covers various topics such as basic concepts of Java, data types, control structures, classes, objects, and more.

To receive the certification, learners must pass a multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam. Here are ten sample MCQs to give you an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam:

Exam Details:

  • Format: Multiple Choice Question
  • Questions: 10
  • Passing Score: 8/10 or 80%
  • Language: English

By successfully answering the MCQs in the Java Programming Free Certification program, learners can demonstrate their understanding of Java programming concepts and receive a certification that can be used to showcase their skills to potential employers.


Get certified in Java Programming for free with Digital Adda’s MCQ exam. Showcase your skills with our free Java Programming Certification.

Java Programming Course with Free Certificate Video

Here are answers to the questions

Number of primitive data types in Java are?


What is the size of float and double in java?

32 and 64
32 and 32
64 and 64
64 and 32

Find the output of the following code.

int Integer = 24;
char String = ‘I’;

Compile error Throws exception I 24 I

Select the valid statement.

char[] ch = new char(5)
char[] ch = new char[5]
char[] ch = new char()
char[] ch = new char[]

When an array is passed to a method, what does the method receive?

The reference of the array
A copy of the array
Length of the array
Copy of first element

free certificate
Advance Java Programming Free Course Video

Select the valid statement to declare and initialize an array.

int[] A = {}
int[] A = {1, 2, 3}
int[] A = (1, 2, 3)
int[][] A = {1,2,3}

Arrays in java are-

Object references
Primitive data type

When is the object created with new keyword?

At run time
At compile time
Depends on the code

In which of the following is toString() method defined?


compareTo() returns

An int value

advance java programming free course video

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