IT Networking Fundamentals Certification | Quiz Questions and Answers 2023

networking certification

Check your skill by answering these IT Networking Fundamentals Quiz questions.
This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world basic to advance level IT Networking Fundamentals Quiz interview questions and answers for fresher’s and experienced.

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About the Quiz :

Practice Below the best IT Networking Fundamentals Quiz MCQ Questions that checks your basic knowledge of Network. This Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. So, you have to select the right answer to check your final preparation for your Exams & Interviews.

Test your knowledge with Itronix Solutions basic IT Networking Fundamentals made especially for beginners. Pass the test and get a Certificate of achievement!

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Terms and Conditions :

  • Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in IT Networking Quiz
  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in IT Networking Quiz with answers
  • This quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each question in the quiz is of multiple-choice or “true or false” format
  • You may review your answer choices and compare them to the correct answers after your final attempt
  • To start, click the “Take the Quiz” button. When finished, click the “Submit Quiz” button.


Here are the Questions and Answers

In what type of topology do all of the computers directly tap into the same cable?


NWLink is Microsoft’s implementation of what networking protocol?


Which of the following distinguishes peer-to-peer networks from client/server networks?

In peer-to-peer networks, no single computer has more authority than another, by default.

Which of the following is an advantage of using a peer-to-peer network over using a client/server network?

A peer-to-peer network is easier to set up.

Because of network vulnerability, what is a high-demand, high paying career?


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What is a simplified version of sending private messages on the internet?

Writing coded notes to your friends in elementary school

What is the practice of intercepting wireless signals by cruising through an area called?

War Driving

How do networks make your messages private?

Encrypts it

How many layers are incorporated in the OSI model communications subnetwork?


The first services widely used by networks were:

File and print services

What flavor of Network Address Translation can be used to have one IP address allow many users to connect to the global Internet?


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When transmitting data from network node to another how are messages handled?

They are broken into data packets

A network configuration that uses cables to connect network devices and is fast & secure.

Wired Network

Which type of server provides only one type of resource to its clients, such as printing?

Dedicated server

What is the primary function of a file server on a network?

It manages access and use of shared applications and data

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