Human Resource Management Professional Quiz

Human Resource Management Professional Quiz

Human resource management is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance. HR is also concerned with industrial relations, that is, the balancing of organizational practices.

Are you an expert in human resource management or are you just interested in this topic? Find out more about HRM only with our quiz and get certified.

Check your skill by answering these Human Resource Management Professional Quiz questions. This quiz will help you to check your knowledge and improve it further. List of the most asked real-world Human Resource Management Professional Quiz questions and answers for freshers and experienced to pass your official test.

Terms and Conditions For Human resource management Quiz :

  • Every MCQ set focuses on a specific topic in Human Resource Management Professional Quiz
  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Human Resource Management Professional Quiz with answers
  • This quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions.
  • Each question in the quiz is in multiple-choice or “true or false” format
  • You may review your answer choices and compare them to the correct answers after your final attempt

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Which of the following correctly defines the Human Resource Department?

Service department

Human factor can be defined as

Interrelated Physiological, Psychological and Socio-ethical aspects of a human being.

Which of the following components are reformed to support the strategies of human resource function?

Control systems

What is the need for Human Resource Planning?

All of the above

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Which of the following fields requires a skilled HR professional?


The process of forecasting an organization’s future demand for, and supply of, the right type of people in the right number is called

Human Resource Planning

Who laid the foundation of Human Resource Management practices?

Peter Drucker and Douglas McGregor

Which among the followings describe the skills that are available within the company?

Human Resource inventory

_____________ is a process that aims at rejecting unsuitable candidates.


What is recruitment?

The process by which a business hires staff

Which is an internal method of recruitment?

Notice board

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What is part of the planning stage of HR management ?

Figuring out how many staff I need for the business and what each staff member needs to do

Which of the following is not part of the ‘conducting the interview’ stage of the interview process?

Create a relaxed, non-stressful interview environment

Below are the other names for HRM specialist, except

personal officer

What is the scope of Human Resource Management?

Accomplishing advanced research in behavioural sciences, new ideas in man, management, and advances in the field of training and development

Which of the following takes a full interest in the process of strategic planning?

Training & Development

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The HR plans of any organization does not includes

Production plans

The process of identifying, assessing and developing leadership is called

Succession planning

Directing is one of the important functions of HRM which comes under___________

managerial function

Trend analysis is a _____________

Forecasting technique

human resource management professional quiz

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