How to Protect Your Position When You Rank 1st in SEO

how to protect your position when you rank 1st in seo

In search engine optimization (SEO), the focus is on climbing the ranks rather than maintaining a dominant position. However, if a SaaS company has achieved page one rankings for its bottom-of-the-funnel keywords, it will typically shift its focus away from those keywords and toward those higher up the funnel.

Eventually, their rivals will overtake them in the rankings and take their previous position. However, as they try to get back up the ranks, they realize that it’s much harder to make up ground once you’ve lost it.

1. Update Your Site According To Google’s Ranking Algorithm

It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most common Internet marketing mistakes. Google’s ranking algorithm looks at how good and new the content is. Keeping your website current is an excellent method to maintain your position in search engine rankings.

Text-only” articles and other out-of-date techniques can hurt your search engine rankings. You should add new videos and pictures to your reports to keep your keywords. It will improve your readers’ time on your site and make other people more likely to link to you. Spend some time making your brand look better. Optimizing your site’s layout will lower the number of people who leave immediately and make it more likely that visitors will stay and look at your content.

2. Website Optimization

For a long time, Google has used site speed as a ranking factor, but many sites still don’t load very quickly, especially on mobile, where most searches are now done. Remember that more than two million blogs are posted daily, so if your website doesn’t load quickly enough, people will probably go to another site.

Google tells web admins that the time it takes for a page to load on a mobile device should be less than one second, which is very fast. But even if you can’t get it that low, remember that every second you cut off your page load time, it is less likely that people will leave your page. It would help if you didn’t have to hire a professional SEO agency in your field to make your pages load faster.

The following are three simple measures that you may do to make the loading time of your website faster:

  • Switch to a hosting service that is faster and more reliable.
  • Make sure all of the images on your website can be compressed.
  • Utilize a content delivery network, also known as a CDN, to increase the speed at which you may download stuff.

If you’re still having trouble with your website’s loading speed, you can also use a Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will help you determine what variables are contributing to the increased load time of your website and how to solve those causes. It will also assist you in selecting how to handle those concerns. You can find out more about Google’s suggestions for page speed here.

How to Protect Your Position When You Rank 1st in SEO Video

3. Expand Your Link Building

Overemphasizing the number of backlinks to the detriment of quality is a common blunder made by marketers. It is a huge mistake. If you already score highly for a specific term, you don’t have to link to that page as frequently as you otherwise would. Google can figure out if a site is getting links too quickly.

Building links too fast could be a red flag, leading to your website being banned. Your rankings can also go down if most of the links you build point to the same article. Google wants its users to find helpful and relevant information on your site.

f you want your keyword rank to stay the same, you should add more links to your site’s pages. This strategy will give your backlink profile more variety and, from Google’s point of view, increase your website’s overall authority.

4. Links Going Out And Links Going In

Even though it may sound strange, links on your site can be just as important as links to your site from other sites. Sending outbound links to well-known brands in your niche helps Google determine if your website is relevant.

Always ensure that the outside pages you link have content that your readers will find helpful. For example, if your niche is outdoor survival skills, you probably shouldn’t link to the home page of Harvard University.

Even though. SEOs often think links are valuable, but the content wouldn’t fit with a brand about survival and protection. When you link to relevant items within your site, you help maintain your keyword ranks. When done right, internal linking will help search engines figure out what each page is about and its importance. Intelligent internal linking can also keep people on your site longer by making it easier for them to get to other pages.

5. Search Engine Marketing Is Very Important

It’s unclear whether social media engagement directly or indirectly affects search engine rankings. But search engines see each of the biggest social media platforms as an authority brand. Google gives a high PageRank to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google will use links from these networks to determine your website’s relevance.

ore people will see your content on these social media channels if they like and share it. If you keep getting good backlinks, it may help your rankings rise and stay high in the long run. You can increase the number of people who view your blog through social media by doing the following quick things:

  • Add buttons to share your articles on social media to the sidebars of your articles.
  • Ask people to do something directly in your content.
  • Give your users a free piece of content in exchange for a share on social media.


The optimization of a website for search engines takes effort and does not provide results immediately. It usually takes a few months for your efforts to improve your website’s search engine optimization to start paying off.

You will be able to maintain your authority even after you have achieved a certain ranking for a particular keyword if you make use of the five tactics that have been outlined above.

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