How to Lift Motorcycle Front Wheel


Most people already know how to lift their trucks or cars to remove the wheels? Nevertheless, lifting a motorbike to remove the wheels is not as easy as it seems. This task is challenging, but not when you know the best tricks on how to lift motorcycle front wheel.  

With age or miles, the tires are likely to wear out sooner or later. The main reason to lift your motorcycle is to remove its tires and replace them with new ones. Lifting your motorcycle securely with a bike paddock stand is one of the common tricks. 

Other reasons may include removing the wheels for replacing the motorcycle accessories like brake rotors, wheel bearings and seals etc. So, be it flat tires or for maintenance, here is a comprehensive guide to making this task easier for you. 

How To Lift Motorcycle Front Wheel in Four Types of Motorcycles?

If you are up for some easy ways to lift the front wheel, look at the guide below.

Adventure Bike Wheel Removal

Most adventure bikes come with center stands or mounts in various cases. You can remove the rear wheel of ADV motorcycles using center stands. Use a basic bike jack in the scissor-type underneath the front of the skid plate to elevate the front wheel. 

Use a hydraulic motorcycle jack beneath your skid plate to elevate the bike. It’ll work when you don’t have a centre stand for your motorbike, or one isn’t accessible. Never raise the bike while its weight supports the exhaust system. It may damage the exhaust because it cannot support the weight. 

Dirt Bike Wheel Removal

This is the easiest bike to lift, and you have two options to do so. One of them is the static-style stand. It does not have any moving parts but comes with a rubber padding on its top. Lifting motorcycle front wheel using this offers stability and helps to lift the bike securely. Using this stand, you can raise the bike’s rear part and place the weight on your thigh.  

Next, support the motorbike over the stand and place its centre on the stand’s centre. This can be great for lightweight enduro and motocross bikes. However, consider using an upgraded lift-type stand if you have a dual-sport bike. 

The lift-type stands come with a pedal connected to a linkage. It lets to position the stand under your bike. To raise your bike, you have to step on this pedal. It exerts less pressure on your back, and you don’t have to bear much weight on your motorbike. 

Sport Bike Wheel Removal

The majority of sports motorcycles come with a swingarm spool at the back. Spools allow you to elevate the bike off the ground with a swingarm spool stand. But they also provide protection for your swingarm and rear axle if you low-side your bike. A forklift stand elevates your bike by lifting from the bottom of the fork legs. This helps you to raise the front end of the bike. 

Another excellent choice is a head lift stand. It raises the bike by inserting a pin into the bottom of the steering stem. A head lift stand enables you to detach your front wheel. It does the same for your fork legs for servicing and tuning.

Cruiser Wheel Removal

Raising cruisers off the ground might be scary because they are often low and hefty. Fortunately, they usually have flat, broad frames underneath their engines. It provides an ideal foundation for hydraulic lifts. There are several hydraulic motorcycle jacks available. Most of them contain places for tie-downs so that one may stabilise the bike.

Removing the Motorcycle Wheel

Get the motorbike in the air first before doing anything else. You may use a jack or a stand to do this. Any alternative is effective if you position and lift them carefully enough to remove the wheel. Verify the stability of the motorbike! The last thing you need is to repair the dent in your gasoline tank in addition to changing your tyres. Hence, lifting motorcycle front wheel is something that you must carefully.

  • Front Wheel: Removing the front wheel is simple since the disc(s) remain on the wheel. Place something between the brake lever and handlebars after removing the axle. This prevents from engaging the brake accidentally.
  • Rear Wheel: Loosen the belt or chain adjusters and detach the chain/belt. By unscrewing the drive shaft, bikes with shaft drives can skip this step. Note the placement of any spacers or washers before pulling out the axle.

Changing A Motorcycle Tyre for Beginners

It could seem difficult if this is your first time replacing a motorbike tyre on your own. It calls for greater strength and agility than intelligence. Be careful to lay cardboard or towels on your work surface if you’re concerned about scratching your rims.

If you do scratch your rim, it won’t harm the bike. Instead, you’ve given it more personality. So, this was all about how to lift motorcycle front wheel. To get high-quality automobile accessories, visit CarOrbis’ online accessory store. They have the best and most genuine auto accessories that meet your needs.

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