How to Choose the Best CBD Packaging and Hemp Boxes

cbd packaging

CBD packaging can be created for a variety of products. These papers have special features such as kraft paperboard, which is made from recycled materials, and brown kraft paperboard, which can be dyed or metalized. They are both ideal for packaging hemp and CBD oil products and can be an excellent choice for luxury brands. Cannabis products have always been associated with green products, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers have taken note of this fact.

Customized CBD packaging

CBD products come in various forms, from solids to liquids to powders, and they can be bulky, light, or thin. They may also have distinctive shapes or sizes, making them ideal for custom packaging. The use of corrugated boxes can help ensure consistent product quality. And these boxes are also environmentally friendly, thanks to the high-quality materials used to make them. To choose the best product packaging, you should consider the following factors.

Branding is a crucial aspect of branding, and custom CBD boxes help your business stand out from the competition. 

Customized boxes also feature your corporate name and other relevant commercial specifics for advertising purposes. This helps you reach out to more consumers. This type of packaging identifies your brand and its products, which means you’ll sell more products if customers can recognize the name. To make things easier for them, companies hire a custom packaging designer to create attractive designs and colors.

As CBD products are popular in the marketplace, they have many benefits that make them ideal for packaging. These boxes can be printed with the CBD constituent percentage, product ingredients, and usage instructions. Decorative elements, such as raised ink and gold foiling can enhance the aesthetics of CBD products. Many companies offer Custom CBD Boxes at very affordable prices, and you can also get them crafted by packaging experts.

Specialty finishes

Hemp is a renewable resource that can replace up to 54% of all paper and board worldwide. Custom CBD packaging and hemp boxes can be enhanced with specialty finishes, such as embossing, to make the product look more premium and appealing. The use of custom-made hemp boxes also enhances the user experience. A wide range of hemp-based products is available, from CBD vape cartridge boxes to CBD creams and bath bombs.

In addition to adding a high-end appearance, hemp boxes are also available in gloss or matte finishes. A matte finish is appropriate for a more earthy presentation, while a gloss finish is more eye-catching and scratch-resistant. Hemp boxes are also customizable, so you can add your logo or product name and match them to the rest of your brand’s packaging needs. To get the most out of hemp packaging, choose a custom-made hemp box with a high gloss finish or a matte finish.

Choosing a specialty finish for CBD packaging and hemp boxes is a critical step in production. There are several different types of finishes, but the most durable ones are typically the most expensive. Spot UV or matte lamination, for example, will protect the hemp boxes from wear while adding a luster to the overall look. A spot UV application will also increase the lifespan of hemp boxes.

Corrugated cardboard

If you plan to ship CBD products, you should consider using corrugated cardboard. These sturdy boxes will protect your product completely. Corrugated cardboard is eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a good choice for shipping CBD products. Since corrugated boxes are more rigid than standard cardboard, they can hold multiple layers of protection. They are also compatible with secondary packaging materials, such as corrugated cardboard.

The best-corrugated cardboard for CBD packaging will depend on your product and its fragility. Thin CBD products will be cushioned by corrugated cardboard. You can also look for unique finishing options like debossed or embossed paper. You can also use a combination of both. These features make corrugated cardboard an excellent choice for shipping CBD products.

 If you want to make your packaging stand out from the crowd, consider customizing your hemp or CBD packaging.

A custom hemp box is one of the most popular packagings for cannabis. It provides ease for extraction and unboxing. This allows customers to see the product, which can boost sales. Another option is spot UV, which makes certain areas of printed boxes stand out. 

You can choose many other features when choosing hemp packaging boxes, from glossy to matte. These can all increase the appeal of your products. This article will discuss some benefits of using corrugated cardboard for CBD packaging and hemp boxes.

Brown kraft paperboard

Regarding packaging, the product’s exterior is the most effective way to attract customers and advertise the brand. You must work hard to create a unique brand identity, and your packaging must be just as unique. While you can find custom boxes at most stores, you may want to create your hemp packaging for unique needs.

 The color and shape of hemp boxes are up to you! You can choose between reverse and straight tuck boxes, two-piece hemp boxes, and sleeve boxes. If you want to make your packaging stand out, you can add gold foiling.

Brown kraft paperboard for CBD packaging and Hemp boxes are available in many styles, including tuck ends and hang tabs. You can even add a window to your hemp boxes to add visual appeal. Custom-designed boxes can help you stand out from the competition with a unique layout and attractive design. When you choose the layout and design of your boxes, be sure to consider the convenience of consumers and the safety of your product.

In addition to protecting your products, hemp and CBD packaging can enhance their appearance. Your hemp and CBD products will not be an eyesore to your clients with a classy and stylish appearance. You’ll be able to achieve a high level of client admiration thanks to your hemp boxes. A hemp box can look great on any shelf and be sustainable for the environment. YourBoxSolution provides an easy way to create custom-designed CBD packaging for your products.

SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate)

SBS paperboard is superior to traditional paperboard for packaging high-end CBD products. Made from solid bleached sulfate, it is resistant to tears and stains and can be dyed any color you wish. Hemp boxes are also made of SBS. For more information about the SBS paperboard, please click here. 

SBS paperboard is an environmentally friendly material that comes in brilliant white. This paperboard is made from virgin wood pulp, which has been chemically bleached to remove any impurities. SBS paperboard is typically coated with kaolin clay to ensure smoothness. It is also resistant to moisture, making it a good choice for packaging food products.

SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) CBD packaging and hemp box manufacturers offer several options for the type of paperboard they use. Cardboard is one option and is also a sustainable material. It is available in many different thicknesses, ranging from 5mm to 10mm. It is easy to customize. It is also recyclable. It is the best option for packaging CBD products.

Another option is to order custom CBD boxes. These boxes are often referred to as cartons. They are not found on the market and are manufactured. Custom boxes are delivered to makers who pack them. Once assembled at a destination, these boxes are shipped to the buyer. There are many different sizes of custom CBD boxes available. Some are small, while others are large enough to store CDs. All are made of heavy-duty steel and lined with PVC or soft foam.

PVC window panel

Consider using a PVC window panel when you’re looking to add an elegant touch to your CBD packaging and hemp boxes. This material can provide a crystal clear look to your boxes and offers a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. CMYK printing is the most common print type, but you can also use PMS for additional customization. You can add animation effects and other branding images to make your boxes stand out.

Unlike other types of packaging, CBD products require unique designs and information. Corrugated cardboard is strong enough to hold any product and is recyclable and eco-friendly. Custom CBD boxes can be printed with vivid colors and smooth lines. Whether you want your product to be discreet or stand out, the right panel is key to your company’s success. You can also opt for a custom PVC window panel customized for your needs.

If you’re looking for a more custom look, you can have a custom-designed window panel for your hemp oil boxes. These boxes are perfect for home and business use and will help promote your brand. A custom-designed window panel will also give you the chance to include details about different types of CBD hemp oil. These boxes are great for a start-up business or for growing into a large corporation.

For more details, please read our FAQs. below

Q: Do I have to provide the design?

Yes. Customers have to provide artwork of their brand or company. We provide free design support to you.

Q: What does Sample charges cost me?

We provide the free samples at the order of $4000. If you want generic samples, the cost will be $9. We have to create every box from scratch if the design is unique. The setup cost will be different for every custom box. Hence the sample charges for every unique design is separate. And they will be comparatively high to the generic custom boxes.

Q: What is the shipping cost of custom boxes?

We provide free shipping to North America. You will get your order on the promised timeframe at your doorstep.

Q: What add-on choices do CBM provide?

There are several add-on options and coating techniques that you can opt for. The add-on options include,
● Laminations
● Spot UV
● Aqueous Coating
● Foilings (Gold, Silver, Pearl etc.)
● Cut out windows with or without PVC sheet
● Strings (inserted, non-inserted).
Its types include jute, several colours (like black, white etc.), black lock, black elastic etc.

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