digiskills graphic designing exercise 4 batch 11

digiskills graphic designing

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Is Graphic Design a Good Job?

Many people argue about this question, and few understand what a career in graphic design is all about.

In recent years, graphic design has been thought to be a career whereby commercial artists create their visual ideas and later sell their ideas.

The career is extensive and gives designers plenty of room to express themselves in different areas such as logo design, web design, social media advertising, and other printed materials.

Do Graphic Designers Get Benefits?

The graphic design career path gives you a large sum of benefits. For example, many designers are mostly employed by large corporations and work for about 40 hours per week.

On the other hand, designers who work in smaller companies adjust their time to meet their client’s deadlines, and they usually work when needed.

In my opinion, I prefer freelancing, because freelance designers usually experience less stress, as no one is nagging them (with the exception of a few clients) and they have the possibility to arrange their work hours as they want.

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digiskills graphic designing exercise 4 batch 11

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digiskills graphic designing exercise 4 batch 11

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