digiskills graphic designing exercise 3 batch 11

digiskills graphic designing exercise 3

Learning Outcome: After completing this exercise, you will be able to:

  • Use Adobe Photoshop tools including (Pen tool, Selection tool, Lasso tool, Magic Wand tool,Blending Options, etc.)
  • Cropping and tracing the image(s)
  • Remove and change the background of image(s)
  • Edit, retouch and enhance the quality of the images

Problem Statement

It’s a job posted on a freelance market. Your client provides you with some product images. You will have
to crop and change the background of the images. You will also have to resize the images in 1500 x 1000
pixels. You can do the necessary treatment as retouching, color correction and brightening and contrast to enhance the quality of the images (if required).

Use Adobe Photoshop tools like pen tool, magnetic lasso tool, magic wand tool, color balance,
brightening and contrast or any other tool to crop the picture.
Follow the instructions given below:

  1. Take screenshot of the final cropped product image. (Screenshot required) *
  2. Take screenshot(s) of the Layer Panel after changing the background of product image. (Screenshot
    required) *
    Minimum 2 final product images are required for the exercise.
  3. Insert these screenshots in an MS Word file and upload it on the LMS.
  4. Keep your work in layers; don’t merge layers and save your file properly after completing the task.
  5. Don’t copy the example images to make solution of Hands-on Exercise.

Solution file is given in MSWord format make sure to Subscribe the YouTube channel (MEHAK ALAMGIR) for all Batch 11 Exercise and Quiz of digiskills.pk

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exercise 3 solution is provided in MS Word format subscribe to YouTube channel mehak alamgir for all exercise and quiz solutions.

digiskills graphic designing exercise 3 batch 11
digiskills graphic designing exercise 3 batch 11

Watch Video To Perform Exercise Solution File Will Upload Soon Of Graphic Designing Exercise 3

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