Google Cloud Free Swag Campaign Answers 2023

google free swag

Google Cloud is offering free swag to all Udacity students who complete a series of select Google Cloud courses offered by Udacity within a specified time period.

What Udacity courses are eligible for this Google Cloud Free Swag Campaign?

The convergence of technology and education is redefining how students learn and prepare for the future. Google Cloud, a prominent player in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, has partnered with Udacity, a renowned online learning platform, to make this endeavor even more exciting and rewarding.

The first 100 students who complete ALL of these Generative AI with Google Cloud courses will be eligible to redeem free Google swag:

Transformer Models and BERT Model with Google Cloud


Introduction to Generative AI with Google Cloud


Attention Mechanism with Google Cloud


Introduction to Image Generation with Google Cloud


Create Image Captioning Models with Google Cloud


Encoder-Decoder Architecture with Google Cloud


Introduction to Responsible AI with Google Cloud


Introduction to Large Language Models with Google Cloud


Generative AI Fundamentals with Google Cloud


Introduction to Gen AI Studio with Google Cloud


Course Selection For Google Cloud Swag

To be eligible for the swag, students must complete a series of select Google Cloud courses offered by Udacity. The exact course lineup may vary over time, but these courses typically cover various aspects of cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, and more. Google Cloud and Udacity have carefully curated this selection to ensure that students gain a comprehensive understanding of their services and technologies.

The first 300 students who complete either all of the Google Workspace courses or all of the Google Cloud Digital Leader Training will be eligible to redeem free Google swag:

Google Workspace:

Google Sheets

Activity 3: Apply formatting to a Google Sheet

Now it’s your turn. In this activity, you apply formatting to your Google Sheet. You practice aligning the text and try two ways to make columns more readable: wrapping text and resizing the column.

Complete the following steps:

  1. In your spreadsheet “On the Rise forecast report_YOURNAME”, select Row 1 and change the fill color to orange.
  2. Select Rows 1-2, and click the Bold toolbar icon.
  3. Merge duplicate cells.
    • a. Select duplicate instances of Cinnamon bun in row 1 (E1-P1).
    • b. From the Format menu, select Merge cells, and choose Merge all.
    • c. Merge duplicate instances of the other bakery products in row 1.
  4. Select Undo to undo the last merge. Select Redo to return to the merged state.
  5. Select Row 1. From the Format menu, select Align, and choose Center.
  6. Wrap text and resize rows to view contents easier.
    • a. Select Column A. From the Format menu, select Text wrapping, and choose Wrap.
    • b. Select Rows 3-102. Double-click the bottom of the row to size to fit OR right-click and select Resize rows 3-102 and choose Fit to data.
  7. Resize columns C and D to fit the text. Double-click the right side of each column OR select the columns, right-click, then and select Resize columns C-D and choose Fit to data.
    • a. Column C – Country
    • b. Column D – Region
  8. Add a border to all cells in rows 101 and 102. Select cells A101:AN102, then select Borders, then All borders.

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Chat

Google Sheets – Advanced Topics

Google Calendar


Google Meet

Google Slides

Google Cloud Digital Leader Training

Google Cloud Free Swags Campaign by Udacity

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