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Facebook Blueprint Certification and get recognized through the best of Facebook and Instagram advertising

Facebook has changed the manner in which we impart as well as definitely changed the manner in which we do showcasing and publicizing on the web. A great deal of experts today are deciding to spend significant time in this stage, subsequently. Clearly Facebook would concoct an accreditation test to set guidelines for this aptitude.

This is an affirmation which you can take on the off chance that you are as of now doing Facebook promoting whether it is natural or paid or in the event that you decide to do one of their courses on the web and, at that point go for accreditation. It doesn’t make a difference.

Facebook Blueprint is a bevy of e-learning resources to help optimize your digital marketing processes. 

Not only are there courses to help you move forward with ad campaigns that are guaranteed to help convert users to customers, but there are also course tracks that can help you:

What is a Facebook Blueprint Certification?

One of the advantages to Facebook Blueprint is the element that permits you to be Facebook advertising affirmed with a Facebook Blueprint Certification.

Getting a Facebook Blueprint Certification implies Facebook underwrites your advanced-level competency in Facebook advertising. 

facebook blueprint certification

It tests a number of skills, including using Facebook insights to make campaign recommendations and designing an end-to-end Facebook advertising strategy.

There are six core Blueprint exams that cover different aspects of Facebook marketing:

There are two additional exams you can take once you have completed the Facebook Certified Marketing Developer exam: Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer and Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer. These are the only two exams with a prerequisite.

Each exam costs $150 US and certifies you for one year. The test itself is scored from 300 to 1,000, with a 700 required to pass.

Why You Need a Facebook Blueprint Certification

Blueprint is the only certification that Facebook recognizes, so it’s useful for agencies that want to set themselves apart from the thousands of other people running Facebook ads.

You really have to know the course material before taking the test, as each retake has to be paid for, so there’s a strong incentive to pass the first time.

As the exam is closed book and taken under proctored conditions, there’s virtually no chance of being able to cheat, which sets it apart from just about every online course on the market.

The Blueprint certification is the highest accreditation offered by Facebook. It shows the world that you fully understand the intricacies of Facebook advertising at an expert level.

Passing the Blueprint exam earns you a digital badge that you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

blueprint exam

Media planning professional Certification 

So this measures competency in managing the Facebook platform in an end-to-end Manner for any brand or business. 

  • So this would start with the needs assessment were you able to understand the objectives and overall brand positioning, then we come to learnings and insights which is being able to understand what has happened before and looking at historic data and trying to learn from it and also looking at industry research.
  • Then Facebook ads. So this is an overall capability certification which includes organic and paid. So when it comes to the ad being able to choose a certain buying type and determining appropriate placements 
  • And the last bit is campaign performance monitoring, which is more of an understanding of how you’re doing looking at analytics and modulating a plan. 

Media buying professional Certification

This specifically measures competency in Facebook ads and by that we are referring to Facebook, Instagram, and messenger ads.

So what does it include, first of all being able to align Facebook campaign to the business goals? You should be able to determine the target audience to choose the placements and creative and then choose an appropriate campaign setup.

Next comes optimization, which is the day-to-day checking of the ads to keep the ROI high.  And then the reporting and analytics.

So that was Facebook media buying professional.  Then these are the certifications for technical people. 

ADS product developer – 1 Certification. 

It measures the technical implementation of Facebook Marketing Solutions. The most common example of this is a Facebook pixel, which is, what you implement if you have to track visitors from Facebook on to your website or an app. So that’s the simplest that’s a simplest tracking method. And then there are other aspects like standard events and custom conversions.  

Ads product developer -2 Certification 

 It would involve technical implementation of advanced Solutions app events Dynamic ads offline conversions, which is more higher. A version of certification as opposed to product developer one.

Ads product developer 3 Certification 

This is an even more advanced form of technical implementation with respect to Facebook ads and it primarily deals with Marketing API Integrations. So for example, you’re at you’re developing an app which tells you the best time to post on facebook, so it will rely on data from Facebook. So to get this data that is a set of marketing API integration, which the tech person needs to understand.

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