DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 Data Analysis And Business Intelligence Exercise Solution

DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 exercise and quiz solution

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Business intelligence is only as intelligent as the data that goes into it … and only as smart as the people using the data. 

As companies big and small take up the arms race that is big data, what’s getting lost in translation is the process — and difference — between gathering business intelligence and using data analytics to make real business decisions that have an impact.

If you are scrambling for a “BI” solution with hopes of solving your biggest problems with software alone, let me save you from wasting thousands of dollars sending your organization down the rabbit hole that is business intelligence.

Before you even think of what data analytics software you need, or what data you want, you need to understand the problem you want to solve

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DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 Data Analysis And Business Intelligence Exercise Solution 3


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