DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 Communication And Softskills Exercise Solution

DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 exercise and quiz solution

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Communication And Softskills Exercise 2 Solution

A picnic is a kind of excursion that is arranged with friends and families in the scenic outdoors. Everyone gets together in a place, ideally a park or resort with a lot of open space, and cook meals and eat lunch together, play games, and spend a whole day making merry and memories.

In tropical countries like India, families generally plan exciting picnics during winter holidays because, during that time, the weather remains largely pleasant. These picnics though apparently mere get-togethers have immense significance in our life.

They allow us to take a break from our busy routine and spend time with our family which is very important for our mental and emotional well-being. In this essay, I shall talk about a family picnic that was probably one of the best days of my life

  • Picnics with our families are one of the best methods to spend quality time with them.
  • We get to converse and play with each other a lot during picnics.
  • We start our trip to the picnic place early in the morning when we go on a family picnic.
  • We usually visit the zoo, gardens, or farms, all of which are a short distance from our home.
  • My mother and grandmother make delectable meals and refreshments for the picnic.
  • My brother gathers all of the necessary equipment for sports such as football and cricket.
  • My father buys chocolates, sweets, and other snacks for the entire family from the shop.
  • My brother and I participate in sports such as badminton, cricket, and football.
  • We all play antakshari, hide-and-seek, dodgeball, and other games before sharing lunch. With a lot of laughter, chatter, and enjoyment, the day flies by.

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DSTP 2.0 Batch 02 Communication And Softskills Exercise Solution 3


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