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You must have been a freelancer or willing to be a freelancer in Fiverr so this for you. Everybody knows Fiverr is the most popular platform for freelancers so there is high competition between each freelancer. I also have 9 years of experience in Fiverr as a graphic designer so I thought I should share my experience with other freelancers as tips and those who interested in Fiverr.

I have made tons of mistakes in my Fiverr journey, I hope these tips are will help you to succeed and get a completely satisfying start on Fiverr as a beginner.

Don’t use a fake profile picture

If you are a graphic designer, marketing manager, writer, video editor or whatever you need an attractive and trustful profile picture. Some new freelancers are don’t care about the profile picture because there are no policies or violations about the profile picture on Fiverr. You can also be without a profile picture. But Don’t do that.

Make sure you have a better profile picture that represents your service. It doesn’t matter your photo in the profile picture, make sure it’s not fake because buyers trust the sellers. If they call to join a zoom meeting or whatever then what you do if you have put the modeller’s photo in your profile picture?

dont do these things in fiverr fiverr profile picture 1

Don’t Copy-Paste the buyer requests

Most freelancers are so busy. Yes, that is right but take a little time to read the buyer’s requirements carefully in their requests. Then write your description as per the buyer’s requirements with your relevant gig and send the offer.

If you have a portfolio with your previous projects then don’t forget to attach it with the offer because it will help more to win the trust of the buyer.

keep calm and don t copy paste 2

Don’t use “Sir/Ma’am”

In my experience, all buyers are most like to get services from friendly sellers. If you are using “Sir” or “Ma’am” to communicate with buyers then it doesn’t matter but there is no friendship.

That’s why I recommend you to communicate as a friendly seller then you can win your buyer’s trust and ask any kind of questions about the project as a friend. Always try to call him/her by his/her name 

Don’t copy and paste gig description from others

Maybe you already know this if you are a seller on Fiverr. It’s very unfair and so risky on the Fiverr platform. Maybe you can be a beginner so then you can check others descriptions and get an idea about how it works. Please be kind enough to write your description as per your offers and write it your own.

fiverr beginners are steal others descriptions. don't do tips.
Don’t steal others description!!

Don’t get fake Clicks and Saves

First of all, I need to say I also did this and got a bad result 🙁 Most of the time I have seen a lot of beginners are sharing the gig to get more clicks and saves. Yes, it works, you can get more clicks and saves but Fiverr is know all clicks are coming from outside. In my experience, I have checked my gig analysis when I share my gigs on social media groups to get more clicks and saves. I saw all the impressions are decreased. The reason is the Fiverr algorithm.

fiverr tips for beginners in 2021
The Clicks analysis when I share the gig on social medias

They automatically decrease your gig impressions when you getting extra clicks and saves expect Fiverr. You can see my gig analysis and get more idea. My gig impressions had gone down from 500 to 50 in 4 days. Yes, I could not believe it 🙁

However, you can see the impression dots have gone up on Feb 03 – 06. Because I got the order and got a 5-star positive review at that time. Yes, it’s just like Facebook. If we comment on the old post then it getting up so the algorithm is the same here on Fiverr. When you got a positive review then it’s automatically getting increase your impressions so focus that way don’t focus on fake clicks and saves.

Anyway did you guys got anything in this blog post then please don’t forget to leave a comment and let’s share the experience with all.

fiverr tips for beginners in 2021
The impressions analysis when I share my gig on social medias

Don’t log in to individual device within different Fiverr accounts

Some freelancers, I mean some of the Fiverr sellers are trying to make more money by selling their services from different accounts. It doesn’t matter if you create few accounts but make sure you have devices for each one. Also, make sure you can afford all in the same way because Fiverr is don’t like nonnative sellers.

If you trying to log in using by VPN then please don’t do that. I can’t recommend it and it’s a high risk for your accounts.

And many people asking for is it okay to use the individual internet connection(WiFi) for few Fiverr accounts. In my experience, it doesn’t affect your account. But when you using one internet connection for a few accounts then make sure their accounts have different categories.

Because Fiverr can check their users IP addresses so when if there have few IP addresses in the same LAN then they can make a decision you are running a few accounts or team. In that case, if you use different categories for each account then they can easily decide there is a team.


As usual, I have shared my own experience with you. So hope you get some valuable information and some of them are the main problems for a lot of freelancers. If you have any question else then please feel free to leave a comment, I’ll reach you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to share your experiences as well.

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