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What is DigiSkills Training Program?

DigiSkills Training Program is Pakistan’s first Online Training Program to empower the youth with skills that are in-demand in freelance market. It consists of multiple online skill-based training courses. The very unique feature of this program is that the course content has been designed specifically for a Pakistani audience in a mix of Urdu-English language.

Register by clicking here: Digiskills.pk

Q. Which courses are being offered in this training program?

There are 10 courses that are being offered in this program.

  1. Freelancing
  2. E-Commerce Management
  3. Creative Writing
  4. Graphics Design
  5. Quick Books
  6. WordPress
  7. Auto CAD
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Digital Literacy

How to Register And Enrolled In Digiskills

Registration Process

Enrollment Process

Q. What are the technical requirements of this program?

To access the DigiSkills program, you need to have a good stable internet connection at home along with a desktop, laptop, or an android phone.

You can download our mobile app from the link below:

Q. Where do I get this training?

This is an online training program. Once you sign up for this program and enroll the courses, you get access to DigiSkills Online Learning Management System. On LMS all modules videos and content you are enrolled in will be available. You can access it from anywhere, like from your home or office, all you need is a computer with Internet connectivity.

Q. How do I study?

All the videos and learning material for each module will be available on DigiSkills Online Learning Platform. You can self-pace the training or you can follow the announced time table which will be available on Portal.

Q. When the videos and course contents of each week will be available on LMS to registered students?

The content and videos of each week will be made available on the respective Monday by 11 AM.

Q.How to watch videos through LMS?

To watch the videos of current week:

  1. Login to https://lms.digiskills.pk/
  2. You will find your enrolled courses directly from the Home Screen on your LMS under “My current Courses” section. Click on the respective course, and you will be redirected to the “Topic content” tab. Here you can watch the Videos of the current week.
  3. To go to the next topic video, click on “Next Topic” link available on the top right side.

To watch the videos of current and previous weeks:

  1. After logging in to your LMS account, click on “Course Website” book icon under ‘My current Courses’ section.
  2. Here you’ll see the topics of the current and previous weeks under ‘Course topics’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘week’ of which you want to watch Videos.
  4. Click on any topic; it will redirect you to the “Topic Content” tab. Here you can watch the Video.
  5. To go to the next topic video, click on “Next Topic” link available on the top right side.

Q. What if I need to ask a question?

You can ask questions at any time using the DigiSkills Learning Management System or DigiSkills.pk Contact Us page. Our coaches are there to respond your queries.

There are three interfaces where you can ask questions.

  1. Discussion board: If you are an enrolled trainee then visit discussion board of LMS to post your query. On discussion board you can ask question, help other trainees by commenting on their queries, see previous queries related to that specific topic
  2. Online support: You can ask your general queries related to LMS, Course and other matters related to DigiSkills.pk

Q.What is the completion criteria to get E-certificate for any course of DigiSkills.pk?

According to course completion criteria, trainees will need to secure 50% score to become eligible for E-certificate.

Each component (Video, Quiz and Hands-on Exercise) carries a certain percentage of the total score of 100 as given below:

  1. Watching Topic Videos through LMS = 60%
  2. Quizzes = 25%
  3. Hands-on Exercises = 15%

If you watch 70% videos, attempt 60% quizzes and submit 50% Hands-on exercises: your total score will be as follows:

  1. Video score: 42
  2. Quiz score: 15
  3. Exercise score: 7.5

Total score: 64.5 (eligible for E-certificate)

 Q.How can we get a hard copy of E-Certificate?

The eligible trainees will only get the soft copy of a verified e-certificate for each of their respective courses. You can access a verified e-certificate as soon as course certificates become available in your Learning Management System.

To download your e-certificate from LMS, please consider these steps:

  1. Login to https://lms.digiskills.pk/
  2. Click on the My Results button under the Trainee Services section (available on the homepage).
  3. Now click on the View option for any of the completed courses, it will redirect you to the e-certificate.
  4. Download and Print options are available on the top right corner of that page.
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