digiskills creative writing exercise 4 batch 11

digiskills creative writing

Creative writing expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative unique way. Creative writing is guided more by the writers need to express feelings and ideas then biological progression of expository writing

It was a beautiful day in Paris. Ian and Kelly had been walking all day, and now they both were very tired. They decided (decide) to stop at a nearby café to have a snack. They looked (look) around for a few minutes, but they couldn’t find a place to eat.

However, they did find a grocery store. “Let’s have a picnic! We will buy (buy) food here at the store, and we will eat a meal in the park across the street, “suggested (suggest) Ian. “I love this idea,” said Kelly. “I have always loved (love) picnics since I have been (to be) a little girl.”

Kelly and Ian entered the store and bought (buy) bread, cheese, chocolate, and fruit. They paid the cashier and exited (exit) the building. At the park, Ian found (find) an empty bench, and they both sat down.

“What a great day!” Kelly said. “This is the best day I have ever had in Paris. This picnic food tastes (taste) delicious.” “We will do this all again tomorrow,” said Ian.

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We are looking for writers who can create interesting and gripping stories for us. Apart from this, we are also on the lookout for editors who can work on promos and localization of shows for us. As a writer or an editor, you will be expected to work on long-form fiction for the platform.


Dear Mr. XYZ,

I have read your job post and concluded that it matches my skills. I have 2 years of work experience as a stories writer. I have done various writing projects in this field.

I know the boundaries and shortcomings of an story writer. Time is the most important aspect in this field and I am ready for the challenge you have for me and I am ready to provide you your tasks in due time.
I have a decent amount of computer applications and have been trained for six months. I can use most of the software that are used.

I am ready to provide with you the things that you want with honesty and delicacy.

For further reference, please check out my portfolio here www.flickr.com/portfolio. It also includes the links to the contents that I have written/ edited before.

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Mehak Alamgir

mehak alamgir is a content marketer and has generated content for a wide range of industries including engineering, seo, word press development, events, technology and IT. In her current stint, she is a tech-buff writing about innovations in technology and its professional impact. Personally, she loves to write on abstract concepts that challenge her imagination

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