best gaming headphones

best gaming headphones

So, What was the last time that you used your headphones?

In the world full of technical gizmos, it would be surprising if, listening to music with your favorite earphones, is NOT among one of your hobbies.

The purpose of using them might vary as per the demand of the circumstance and the type of headphones. Well, we not only have with us headphones from different brands and price categories but we have these of various types as well.

gaming headphones
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These are mentioned briefly as you read further:

Classification on the basis of Connection type of headphones:

1.         Wired headphones

2.         Wireless (Bluetooth headphones)

 Classification on the basis of Earcup Design Type

1.        Closed-back Headphones

2.         Open-back headphones

Classification on the basis of Design:

  • 1.         On ear headphones
  • 2.         Over ear
  • 3.         In ear headphones
  • 4.         Classic earbuds
  • 5.         Bone conduction

Some of these might even have noise cancelling or noise isolating effects, as per price, brand and specifications.

As we are now well versed with the various variations available in the market, it would be a good idea to get acquainted with their uses. As most probably a certain type of a headphone would be better to use for a specific purpose than another.

For example: All set for a morning jog ?

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Taking Bone Conduction Headphones would be the best decision in this case than the rest.

Moreover, when comes to best gaming headphones, then over ear are probably the best for so.

  1. Now, what do you usually use your headphones for?
  2. Listening to music?
  3. Informal or formal Conference calls?
  4. To deviate the mind from the disturbing noises outside?
  5. For enjoying  music when everyone else is sleeping?
  6. To minutely listen to the details of the track being played?
  7. Or for gaming?

Alas! Whatever might have been the reason each purpose requires the headphones to have certain specific features.

And if we talk of the gaming headphones, and you are thinking of buying a new pair,

Then it becomes really crucial to keep a note of all the peculiarities mentioned below along with the ‘best gaming headphones’ which are a perfect fit for the mentioned specification.

1.    Price

Whether you are planning to buy a basic or sophisticated set of headphones, it’s always a good idea to get a peep of your budget as then one can specify their expectations from the headphones accordingly.

 Some best budget friendly picks are mentioned below :

  • •           Sades SA902 7.1
  • •           PDP LVL50
  • •           Corsair HS35
  • •           Razer Kraken 7.1
  • •           Plug able HS53
  • •           SteelSeries Arctics 1

And if you are budget independent then do consider the following:

  • •           SteelSeries Arctics Pro wireless gaming headset
  • •           HyperX Cloud Orbit-Gaming Headset
  • •           Astro Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset

So while considering the most expensive headphones one thing comes to mind naturally which being the doubt that is it really worth buying such high priced headphones? Then a brief and straightforward answer is: YES.

The major drawback of gaming headphones is that these need to be replaced timely but investing such a sum of money definitely assures one of the durability along with other added features obviously.

2.    Superior Sound Quality:

Obviously, what use is a pair of headphone of if it can not satisfy your cravings for a superior voice quality?

And when it comes to modern gaming, its reliance on audio queues throughout the game is not surprising. For the purpose, many headsets offer stereo sound. In an addition to stereo sound, surround sound is also an amazing features that provides the flexibility to listen to sounds from different angles.

Some best picks are:

  • •           Logitech G933 wireless gaming headset
  • •           Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450
  • •           SteelSeries Actics 5
  • •           HyperX Coud Stinger Gaming.

These gaming headphones enhance the audibility during the game which are well planned in terms of built quality and components as well.

3.    Team Communication

When it comes to team based first person shooter games like Overwatch, for instance, team communication becomes a necessity.

At such scenarios one requires gaming headphones with a built in microphone that omits  the requirement of an additional external microphone. Moreover needs to be compatible with the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

Preferably an adjustable mic would make team communications more convenient.

  • •           Here are some great picks from the best gaming headphone:
  • •           SteelSeries Arctic Pro Wireless(PS4 gaming headset)
  • •           LUCIDSOUND LS35X (XBOX ONE )
  • •           Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero (PC gaming headset)
  • •           HyperX Cound Mix Wired Gaming Headset

4.    Limits Disturbance

The following headphones do not ONLY rank in the list of best gaming headphones but also solve your worries of causing disturbance to others while your late night gaming sessions are in progression or simply when you do not intend to disturb others.

  • •           Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 Wireless Gaming Headset
  • •           Shure Aonic 50
  • •           Bose QuietComfory 35 ll
  • •           AKG N60NC

5.    Blocking of External Noises:

Previously, we discussed the event when you don’t want to disturb others but what about the occasions when others would be coming in your way of enjoying a clear and balanced audio quality?

If you are prone to such situations then do consider the following.

But it’s definitely worth mentioning that the headphones would do so by their noise cancelling feature where the tiny microphones are utilized for tracking the audible noises in the environment. After analysing these, the microchips with the help of counter signal comes handy in cancelling such noises.

The list goes as:

  • •           Razer Kraken Pro V2 gaming headset
  • •           PDP Afterglow LVL5 plus
  • •           Sony WH1000XM3

Such headphones not only becomes a boon for gamers but for pilots and onsite dwellers as well.

Thus, to conclude, an ample of choices are available but one needs to pick up a pair which would suit your needs at the best. However, along with other mentioned specifications, the comfort levels and size must also be considered as these might seem insignificant but holds important in practical life. When analyzing  the built quality, try to avoid plastic where-ever possible.

And always keep in mind that you ‘do not need all the bells and whistles when you have the best headphones.’

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