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Agile HR is a human resources management approach that is based on the principles and practices of Agile software development. The Agile methodology has been widely adopted in the tech industry for managing software development projects, and Agile HR applies similar principles and practices to the field of HR.

In Agile HR, the focus is on delivering value to employees and the organization in a flexible and adaptive manner. The approach emphasizes collaboration, continuous improvement, and the ability to respond to change in a fast and effective manner

Some of the key principles and practices of Agile HR include:


Empowering employees to take ownership of their work and make decisions that positively impact their own development and the success of the organization.


Adopting a flexible and adaptive approach to HR processes, policies, and practices that allows the organization to respond quickly to changing business needs and employee requirements.


Encouraging collaboration and teamwork between HR professionals, managers, and employees to achieve common goals and continuously improve HR processes and practices.

Continuous improvement:

Continuously reviewing, refining, and improving HR processes and practices based on feedback from employees and other stakeholders.

The goal of Agile HR is to create a dynamic, responsive, and employee-focused HR function that can effectively support the changing needs of the business.

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Agile HR Free Certification

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  • Format: Multiple Choice Question
  • Questions: 10
  • Passing Score: 8/10 or 80%
  • Language: English
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here are answers to the questions

_______ refers to the way of working and organizing of the HR function that facilitates responsiveness and adaptiveness of activities and structures, facilitating the flexibility in matching workforce fluctuations to demand.

Agile CMO

Agile HR

Agile CEO

Agile CTO

The Agile HR is more analytical, it is more data-driven, it makes the most intelligible calls, and is always coming up with strategic ventures to improve performance and increase workforce productivity.



What is agility in HRM?

to work on the business ideas

to work on the sales and marketing

to work on the individual functions and find and implement ways to make them more effective and more efficient.

All of the above

An agile HR team has all their work processes simplified and streamlined so that every action taken is accurate and calculated



How can HR be more agile?

Conducting retrospectives to learn the ills of the past policies and hence, understand the workforce needs better.

Automate and streamline every process that can be automated and streamlined. This will help the HR teams free up time for more strategic processes and data-driven HR practices.

Work on making the workflows more efficient and value driven.

Focusing on HR initiatives and rolling out new policies as an active HR team.

All of the above

Which is not a agile methodology principle?

Satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery.

Welcome changing requirements, even late in development.

Deliver working software frequently.

Business people and developers work together daily.

Maintain Sales and Marketing

Agile approach in HR is

Career paths are defined and linear.

Career paths are dynamic, and employees can move in several directions.

None of the above

HR systems are developed on a _______ scale, with a quick turnaround time





HR provides the tools and support to facilitate any _______ management development activities





A team member comes to you with a complaint about another team member. What should you do?

Bring the complaint to the other person and try to resolve the issue.

Ask them to talk to the other person and try to work it.

Notify HR of the problem and ask them to handle it.

Invite both people a meeting and try mediate the conflict.

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