best desert camps in jaisalmer5 Best Desert Camps In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, one of Rajasthan’s most charming and beautiful places to visit, is situated in the middle of the Thar desert (The great Indian Desert). Jaisalmer can also be called “The Golden City”. Another name of Jaisalmer is “The Golden City”.  

This amazing spot is visited by many people to admire its beauty. Jaisalmer Fort is another fort. Here, you can also find the Jain temples. Jaisalmer is also known for its desert camps. The 5 best desert camps in Jaisalmer include:

Rajputana Desert Camp

Rajputana Desert Camp is an amazing camp in Jaisalmer. You can go on a jeep safari or a camel safari. Also, you will see the famous sunset at Sam.

This Rajputana desert camp opens from 1 August to 31 March. The appropriate seasons are Diwali or Christmas.

About 45 km separate Jaisalmer from Rajputana Desert Camp. Rajputana’s desert camp is located in Sam Sand Dune, Jaisalmer.

best desert camps in jaisalmer

Winds Desert Camp

Wind desert camp is a luxurious, luxury and spectacular desert camp in Jaisalmer. It is located approximately 4 to 5 kilometers from the Sam Sand Dunes parking area. This camp is located in Kanoi, a beautiful desert village that is just off the Jaisalmer-Sam highway. The camp offers a high level of security and WiFi at the reception, making it one of the most luxurious among all camps. This camp is ideal for people who don’t want to live in a crowded environment. This camp is ideal for seniors and families. This camp is home to the Sand Dunes of Sam, which are the most popular tourist attraction. You can also visit Khaba Fort, Amar Sagar Jain Temple, and Kuldhara Haunted Village Khuri Sand Dunes.

Dangri Desert Safari Camp In Jaisalmer

One of the most beautiful camps in Jaisalmer, this camp offers excellent services to its guests, including 45 Swiss tents, a restaurant hall, and a musical show every day. It is well-known for its excellent interiors and delicious, hygienic meals. You can also enjoy the jeep safari, camel safari, and the stunning sunset at Sam.

Distance from Jaisalmer, to Dangri Desert Safari Camp: About 40 km

This camp is best visited between September and March.

This desert camp is not recommended for summer visits as it can get very hot and people won’t be able to enjoy many things because of the heat.

Jain Empire Resort

Jain Empire Resort, a unique desert camp in Jaisalmer that is known for its delicious vegetarian food is very popular. This desert camp is the perfect choice for people who love Jain cuisine. This camp is the most popular tourist attraction in Sam. You can also visit Khaba Fort, Amar Sagar Jain Temple, and Kuldhara Haunted Village Khuri Sand Dunes.

This desert camp can be found at 173/935, Lakhmana Road, Sam, Jaisalmer and Rajasthan.

The Serai Camp

Serai camp is another luxurious desert camp in Jaisalmer. The only Jaisalmer desert camp that offers Glamping. This desert camp also has a bar where you can enjoy many mocktails and cocktails. The Jaisamer war museum is located near the Serai desert campsite. Other amazing attractions in Jaisalmer include the Golden Fort and Gadisar Lake. People can also cycle in the Serai desert camp. It is a joyful and amazing experience.

Distance from Jaisalmer to Serai Desert Camp is approximately 46 km. This camp is located in Rajasthan, Bhewa. The distance from the airport is 50 km.

Conclusion of Jaisalmer Camps

These are the top 5 desert camps in Jaisalmer. All of them are stunning, amazing, and beautiful. All of the desert camps should be visited with family and friends.

You should also try the delicious local food. This place is a must-see for anyone who loves dessert camping and the amazing hospitality they offer.

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